This page describes how to deploy the two examples OAuth applications provided for SPIS 2016.

In the exercise below, you’ll:

What you’ll have when you are all finished is a working app that authenticates with Github OAuth, running on Flask, either on your local machine, or on Heroku.

The next article describes how to integrate OAuth into an application that you may have already started writing.

Step 1: Fork and then clone one of the example OAuth repos listed below.

This step suggests that you start by “forking”, which is something we may not yet have discussed during SPIS 2016.

Forking is very simple: it means to create a copy of a repo on github, from one place to another. In this case, we are forking a copy of a repo that belongs to ucsd-cse-spis-2016, under your own github id. That way, you’ll be able to push changes to it if you want.

To fork a repo, find this button:

fork button